As a Christian NGO we are fully responsible for raising our own funds. We raise funds for bursaries which help reduce our monthly operating costs as well as special projects and the capital budget necessary for our new 120 student campus.

Currently we are raising the following funds

Bursaries 24 Students R6500pm each
Extension of the Campus to accommodate 120 students This is a wonderful project that will include new sleeping accommodation, dining / lounge / kitchen, library, computer lab, classrooms, auditorium, main hall, breakaway study zones and counselling rooms Please call Bruce Jackman +27 (0)83 448 2412 or email for a copy of the SDP or other information
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Bursary Fund

Unlocking Leaders For Life

Poverty cripples! It cripples dreams, hope, futures and worldviews. Poverty only sees the glass as half full and sees the doors of opportunity as closed. Poverty breeds a survivalist mindset. Poverty only has the past as a predicter of the future. Poverty imprisons potential leaders and stifles influence. Somebody needs to do something inspirational to change the future. We have started and with your help, we will unlock leaders for life.

This is why What We Do Matters

  • The subsidized monthly cost to live on campus, experience a leadership environment, participate in life-impacting courses so students can access Higher Education (HE) amounts to R6500.

  • We require every student to contribute as much as he (she) can to the monthly fees. Those who literally have no access whatsoever to any personal funds are offered the opportunity to work on campus.

  • We raise funds for every student.
  • R6500 per month for one year accomplishes all this.


This is why What We Do Matters

  • These funds help accomplish more than you can imagine:

    • They provide an inspiring environment in which students can begin to dream again.
    • They help to build a culture of encouragement.
    • They bring healing to broken souls.
    • They equip academically and practically for students to access HE.
    • They provide crucial teaching for students to master the online learning systems used in HE.
    • They help focus students to believe that integrity matters.
    • They provide opportunities to serve the community (schools on a weekly basis)
    • They help to train students in value-driven vision and decision making
    • They provide the funds for students to rewrite Matric subject where necessary.