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Steps to Apply

  • 1. Complete and submit your official application for admission

  • 2. Submit a non-refundable application fee (see application deadlines). Be sure to use your full name followed by 2024 as your reference.

  • 3. Complete the required essay

  • 4. Submit a copy of your Matric Certificate

  • 5. Wait for a call from one of our Leadership Development Coaches

Our banking details are as follows:

Eagles Rising
FNB 200-912
Account No. 62384007003

Remember to include your full name followed by 2024 as your reference. E.g. Siphamandla Sidloyi 2024

Important Questions

  1. Are you the first member of your family to attend college or university?
  2. Do you believe you will receive a diploma or bachelors pass for your matric?
  3. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

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Admission Requirements

  • The student should have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • The student should have a good Matriculation pass, preferably at Bachelor level.

  • The student should have matriculated within the previous 2 years of applying.

Application Deadline

To qualify for the application deadline, all application processes and documents should be received by the deadline date.

Application Deadline for 2024

Apply By Application Fee
Application 30 December 2023 R200
Late Application 30 January 2024 R300

Deadline Fees

Eagles Rising Leadership Academy offers 2 deadlines to prospective students. The difference between them is the non-refundable application fee.

Application Deadline Fees

Application 30 December 2023 R200
Late Application 30 January 2024 R300


The fees for the 2024 academic year amount to R6500 per month for 10 months. Bursaries for R6000 are available

The following is included in your fees:

  • All accommodation and meals
  • All transport for ERLA events
  • All courses, course materials and textbooks
  • Computer lab and WiFi for classes
  • All sporting facilities
  • Laundry and gym
  • ERLA shirt and winter jackets

What is NOT included:

Files, paper, pens etc

Financial Aid

The tuition fees should not prevent any prospective student from attending the Academy. Financial Aid plays a crucial role in decreasing your full annual costs, which is why ERLA is dedicated to helping you with the financial aid process.

Begin the Process

Get started on the financial aid application process by completing the steps below. We will notify you when your application for financial aid has been received and if a bursary has been awarded.

  • 2. Submit all requested documents
  • 3. Bursaries are available to a maximum of R6000 pm. Make sure you can contribute R500 pm for 10 months.


You are applying for a bursary for 10 months. The fees are R6500 per month for 10 months. We have many bursaries of R5500 per month. You would then pay R1000 per month for 10 months. WE also have a few bursaries for R6000 per months.You would then pay between R500 to R900 per month for 10 months.

  • Please ensure you motivate “WHY” you are applying for a bursary.